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This year your SCASFAA president, Melanie Gillespie, has chosen her charity platform to be Meals on Wheels. Statistics show that 1 in 6 elderly people go to be hungry each night. Hunger is an invisible problem with a powerful impact. Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal! They reduce social isolation, as well as loneliness and depression among some our most vulnerable citizens in South Carolina. Having the necessary food is one thing; having someone check on a loved one daily is another. Meals on Wheels serves healthy meals to those who are home-bound. Will you help SCASFAA make a difference?

There are an estimated 6.9 million elderly Americans living in poverty…which is less than $228 per week. After covering housing, utilities, and medical expenses these precious people have very little money for food. As we look to make a difference this year, we will do this in a couple of ways. We will host our annual silent auction and 50/50 raffle at the conference in support of the local chapter of Meals on Wheels in Horry County. In addition, we will be hosting a competition for those willing to give of their time and deliver meals at the Meals on Wheels in their local area. Details will be forthcoming on the competition. As SCASFAA seeks to Motivate, Mentor, and Move across the state to make a difference in 2019-2020, think about what that means to you personally!

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