The SCASFAA executive board would like to encourage and challenge you to volunteer and get involved with a committee this year. You can click on the name of the Committee to view the committee chairperson and members.  If you are interested in volunteering to be on any of the committees listed below, you can: update your member profile, indicate your interest on your membership application, or by contacting the committee chairperson directly.   If you are not currently a SCASFAA Member, click "Join" to complete a membership application today! If you have questions about volunteering, check out our recent Facebook LIVE Video Q & A by clicking here


Advisory Committee to the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) – Advises CHE regarding proposed guidelines and regulations offered by CHE; advises the constituency of issues relating to the administration of aid through CHE.

Association & Involvement Committee - Coordinates the process for highlighting and promoting association volunteerism, reviews and evaluates the association’s involvement procedures and opportunities, facilitates annual volunteer recruitment and recognition events, assists with SCASFAA’s LEAD program, and completes other duties as assigned in the long range plan.

By-Laws Committee – Insures that the Association operates in compliance with its approved By-Laws; reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Board concerning revisions to the Policies and Procedures Manual; reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Board concerning amendments to the Association's By-Laws.

Conference Committee (Program) – Coordinates all activities for the Association's annual conference including program content and local arrangements.

Counselor/Consumer Relations Committee – Develops and disseminates information concerning financial aid as well as financial planning to as wide an audience as possible through the use of available media; coordinates with other Association committees to insure that all pertinent information concerning their activities which affect the public is made available through appropriate media; provides assistance, as appropriate, to secondary schools in scheduling, coordinating, and conducting financial aid workshops for parents and students; seeks input from secondary school counselors and personnel concerning financial aid information and training needs; provides financial aid training and information to secondary school counselors and personnel.

Electronic Services Committee – The committee is responsible for the development, maintenance and enhancement of the Association's web site and related services.  Assists with A/V needs of the Association at the annual conference, in conjunction with the Conference Committee.

Global Issues Committee – Provides sensitivity training to the Association as it relates to each other, the community, and the students served.

Legislative Relations Committee – Apprises the Association of important legislative matters concerning student financial aid; develops and recommends to the Executive Board the Association's responses to important legislative initiatives regarding statutes, regulations, and Notices of Proposed Rule Making.

Long Range Planning – Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the Association and recommends actions or direct to the Executive Board that will promote the accomplishment of the goals of the Association. Works to ensure the goals of the current Long Range Plan are being met.

Membership Committee Actively solicits membership in the Association from eligible individuals involved in the administration of financial aid; Ensures accuracy of the membership directory.

Nominations and Elections Committee– Conducts the nomination and election process for the Association's elected officers; recommends to the Executive Board revisions or additions to the Association's policies and procedures on nominations and elections of officers.

Professional Development Committee – Plans and/or coordinates all training activities for the Association including the New Aid Officers Workshop, NASFAA-U training, Webinars, and all other training opportunities.

Site Selection Committee – Secures appropriate conference sites for the Association's conferences.  Works to maintain a database of possible locations for future conferences throughout the state. 

Special Projects Committee – The Special Projects Committee is chaired by the President-Elect. Goals and objectives of this committee change from year to year, at the discretion of the President and based on the current needs of the Association.

Sponsorship Committee – Solicits support from vendors and sponsors for all Association activities; coordinates display areas at the Association’s annual conference.

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