U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission: Best Practices for Financial Literacy and Education at Institutions of Higher Ed

Financial Literacy and Education

National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness

The National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness exists to unite educators with a passion for student financial wellness, regardless of their functional areas of work within higher education. Our goal is to connect those who value the significance in students' understanding of how to manage their personal finances, and see to move forward this emerging field.  This resource hosts regular webinars and an annual summit in June with great resources. You can sign-up to be a part of their listserv where participants ask and share information regarding Financial Literacy Resources that are available - most are free.

Calendar of Important Financial Literacy Communication Opportunities (PDF)

Senior Day 2017 Scholarships and Financial Literacy PowerPoint (PPT) - This presentation is used by Washburn University in Kansas when they host high school Junior and Senior days on campus.

The Paper Clip Game (PDF) - Who doesn't like a good game, especially when it helps to further the engagement with students.  Jamie McEwen of Washburn University reports using this game in her Freshman 101 class with great success and others report great success with it for ages 14-30 in many situations. 

Financial Aid Night PowerPoint (PPT)

Financial Literacy Workshop Peer Presentation with Resources (PDF)

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